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Equity-like returns with bond-like volatility investing in 75+ emerging economies | The Aperture New World Opportunities Fund – two years on

April 19, 2021 Generali Investments Season 1 Episode 15
The Spotlight | Generali Investments
Equity-like returns with bond-like volatility investing in 75+ emerging economies | The Aperture New World Opportunities Fund – two years on
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It’s now two years since the launch of the Aperture New World Opportunities Fund.  The fund was designed to deliver equity-like returns with bond-like volatility.  Since inception, that’s exactly what it’s done.

Listen to this podcast with Peter Marber, Portfolio Manager, CIO of New World Opportunities Fund and Head of Emerging Markets @Aperture Investors and learn more about the fund he manages.



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Your approach to emerging markets and bonds is far from traditional. What makes your approach attractive for investors and how is it managed? In other words, Aperture Investments SICAV - New World Opportunities Fund?
Building trades with asymmetric risk more to the upside
What are your main portfolio strategies?
Could you provide us some examples of a special situation?
How did this contribute to the fund's success in Q1 2021 and what’s your current portfolio positioning?
Where do emerging markets stand today, and looking ahead to the future?